Saturday, July 14, 2012


I took the dogs out bright and early this morning to find the ground wet.  This didn't bother Casey or Poly.  They both took off in the mud for the shed, to further investigate the bunny or groundhog living underneath it.  Poly proceeded to kick the stones out from under and onto the grass; we all learned that she fits between the shed and one side of the railroad tie walls surrounding it on 3 sides.  Casey took some of his time out there to DIG!  In the mud!!  It was right next to the door, too, so he didn't walk on the grass, so no opportunity to wipe it off onto the grass.

When he came inside, Casey was very good about sitting down on a towel and letting me wipe all 4 of his paws off.  I was surprised, since usually he is more interested in getting his muddy toes all over the living room carpet.  Yay Casey!  Poly was slightly less cooperative, yet still allowed Keith to clean off her paws.

Keith and I went to the pet store today and got a bag of treats for them - a kind they had never tried.  It was chicken jerky.  These guys love -- LOVE chicken!  Sometimes they get cut up breasts on top of their dog food.  Well, this jerky was no different.  It disappeared in no time at all!!  Casey ate the crumbs which fell from Poly's; she went over to where he was eating his, but there were no crumbs left on the floor, much to her disappointment.

Now, they are sound asleep, tired from another jaunt outside.  Oh, the life of our pups...

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