Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Babies

Wow, I cannot  believe it's been since JULY that I've written!  I knew it had been awhile, but 9 months?  Now that's just neglectful!

What have the kids been up to since I last posted?  Well, they stayed with "Mr. Jim" twice while we went away.  The husband and I went away twice.  Once was to Disney World for to Night of Joy.  The other was for a relaxing and (mandatory) un-plugged anniversary (18th) away.  Hub's job was super stressful, to the extreme that he was angry, yes ANGRY at not being able to reach Keith for that long weekend... 3 days of which he was already off for holiday time and the other day was vacation time.  I could easily go off about this, but I'd rather talk about my birthday trip.

We are HUGE Disney fans and we are Christians who love contemporary Christian music.  Night of Joy is the perfect combination of these things.  It sounds like a Christmas celebration, but it's in September...every year.  We got to see concerts from Stephen Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, MercyMe, Matthew West, The Newsboys (others performed, too)...  AWESOME lineup for 2013.  Ok, I got off a little bit and I apologize.  Back to the pups!

While it is boarding when they stay at Mr. Jim's, he is incredible and takes such good care of them!  They come home exhausted!  It takes every ounce of energy, after their rush of seeing us, to get in the car.  They are happy to see him when we drop them off.  I had surgery in December (the day after our "un-plug" trip) and wasn't able to properly care for the dogs.  Rather than worrying, Mr. Jim was more than happy to accept a couple of last minute daycare friends.  He has told us that he never lets any dog on his chair.  Poly, however, stole his heart and she is permitted on the chair.  Poly and only Poly!  She steals hearts pretty easily.  Casey is darn good at this himself.  He is a big lover if ever there was one.  He jumps all 4 legs in the air with a vertical jump because he is so excited to see someone he knows.  Kisses.  He LOVES kisses and will give them to you, even if he doesn't know you.  He will sit next to you and hand you his paw, or both paws, and wants you to pet under them until he slides down the sofa and wants belly rubs.  Such a lover!

As I've written before, Casey and Poly are rescue dogs.  We completed an application with interest in Casey.  They accepted our application, did a home-study and interview and checked references - adopting a human doesn't seem so extensive (kidding...just kidding!).  We'd gone through a different rescue to adopt our kitties, Victoria and Albert (aka Tori and Bert).  So, Casey seemed to be a good match for us so we met him with his foster Mom.  Immediately we knew he had to be part of our family!

I mean really -- look at those eyes (even though they're half closed) and those ears - oh my goodness!  He had us at "hello!"

Well it turns out that the foster Mom was also caring for a dog, a Vizsla (what? you ask, what is that?).  Well, we had no idea either, we just knew she was a cute, sly little thing!

She knew how to work the situation.  "Hmmmm, if I curl up in a tight little ball right between the two of them and let them feel how soft I am, maybe, just maybe they'll take me home."  And while we're at it, big guy, let's play together and then take a nap right at their feet.  That'll really suck 'em in!

Well, she was right.  A few days later Wesley and Wendy because Casey and Poly and were deemed members of our family forever.

Ok, so, Poly...a vizsla.  The video will show you how beautiful this breed is.  She is not pure vizsla, of course, but she sure does have many (MANY) of the qualities of them.  Basically what I tell people when they ask is that hubby and I had never heard of the breed before Poly and that she's a Hungarian hunting dog.  That pretty much sums it up from this end.  This dog can dig like nobody's business and regularly tries to get under the fence on both sides of the yard.  Yep, she's a digger!

We've had a rough winter here in the Northeast//MidAtlantic.  These guys were not so sure about all of the snow.  Poly tries to catch snow flakes and gets upset when they fall to the ground, getting lost in the inches of snow on the ground.  Casey had it when the snow reached as high as his belly.  Neither were very fond of this after a while.  Prancing through the snow with their legs sinking it at every step got old pretty fast.  Fortunately, hubster and I took video I can now share it with you so we have it for prosperity. (dumb upload)

Mr. Casey has had a hard time this winter.  He seems very depressed and has started licking one of his paws to the point of being red and raw.  We have a spray meant to help it clear up; he licks that off almost immediately despite our best efforts.  He's also taking a med with the thinking that he's doing it due to stress.  There has been a great deal of stress here, but with hubby starting a new job, some of that should be relieved.

I guess that pretty much sums up what's going on with us.  I know I say this every time, but I'll try to keep on top of "Two Dogs" better!