Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yes, I know we need rain and that we couldn't survive without it.  Try telling that to Poly!  She is a bit, ummmm, prissy.  She doesn't like to get wet, nor does she like to step on wet grass.  Last week we got a LOT of rain and it turned our backyard into a marsh because the ground was just saturated.  It was to the point where the kids were drinking out of puddles.  Gross!  Poly wound up having an accident due to refusing to go outside.  Honestly, I can't say I blame her; I sure prefer to take care of dry dogs.

It seems the ground hasn't fully dried out because puddles have already formed, making "going out" quite the chore with her.  He'll gladly go out and stay there.  He LOVES it outside - happy as a clam!  He just shakes off the water and goes along with whatever he was doing.  She shakes the water off in her little OCD way, incessantly.  She won't even do her business outside, even though she stands with me.... ok, ok, she's on the leash and can't go too far, but she walks in circles and never does anything.  I keep praying this doesn't result in another accident.

So, yeah, rain, rain go away!!!!  Poly has to pee some day!

(written weeks ago, but never published -- sorry)


We've had a number of thunderstorms in the past 24 hours.  While Casey isn't bothered by it, Ms. Poly shakes like crazy.  We feel horrible for her.  Keith and I have gotten her a "thundershirt" which we put on her during storms, but it only helps to a certain degree.  We're open for ideas. though <hint, hint>.  We will be asking the best pet store around, a local, family-owned store, for their suggestions.  If you live near me and want to know what the store is, drop me a line; I'll be more than happy to let you know about them because they really are amazing!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sorry it's been so long since I've written, but life has gotten a little crazy around here.

Casey and Poly seem to be getting the hang of NOT destroying thing like furniture and blankets, which is a good thing.  They like to lay on the "people" furniture and sleep there for as long as possible.  They are, in fact, there right now as I type.

They are very fond of running around the back yard and digging holes.  Ok, the digging isn't our favorite thing, but there are a lot worse things they could be doing.  They love to chew on their bones.  Casey even took his out back last night, which made us laugh.  Any soft toys don't last very long... they get eaten into many pieces in no time.

Mr. Casey is very jealous.  The neighbor met Poly at the fence and Casey had to go running over, envious of not getting any attention.  He's a funny guy.