Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bones are Better Than Bones

Ok, alright, so I've been neglectful of this blog.  Forgive me?

We LOVE the Perk Valley Pet Eatery.  We get all of our food and toys there for all four kids. They sell only the best quality, all-natural, organic foods and their toys are of the highest quality.  They also have a bakery and they sell collars, leashes, harnesses, etc.  Not only that, but the owners, Gordon and Sue, and all of the employees are super knowledgeable.  I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to them with questions.  Not only all of that, but it's where we met Tori and Bert (the kitties) and adopted them from a rescue with whom Perk Valley works.

So, yesterday we asked how we can keep the big kids busy with something that doesn't require constant observation, while they're in the backyard.  We'd really prefer NO more holes be dug.  So, after some discussion we decided on fresh (but frozen), raw buffalo bones.  Given that Poly is a vizsla (Hungarian hunting dog), our guess was that she'd be ecstatic over this thing.  We also assumed that Casey would be happy -- that's not too hard.

We got the camera ready to take a video, went out back, and gave them each a bone.  He couldn't have been thrilled and began chomping away at it.  She sniffed it and left it be, wandering aimlessly around the yard.  After much encouragement, she finally took it.  Did she play with it?  No.  Chew on it?  No.  She went behind the shed and buried it!  She then sat next to Casey and watched him enjoy his bone.  It was too funny.  Well, it gets better.  Later, she went out and dug it up to play with the thing.  She did bury it again, but Daddy dug it up for her so she could play.  Later, she buried Casey's.  She is one unique little critter.  We love them both bunches and bunches!