Thursday, July 26, 2012


As you all may know, our Poly is a great hunting dog, who has only barked through the fence and under the shed at the animals that were in the yard. This all changed this morning on the dogs first trip outside to do their "business".  Poly did her normal policing of the fence line around the whole yard and her customary trip around the shed just to make sure that the groundhogs and bunnies were in their rightful places. On one of her trips to the corner of the yard, where we have had to place bricks to keep her from digging a hole under the fence, something caught her eyes (or nose).  All I could see from my vantage point at the back door was her fiercely digging in the ground and poking her nose into the corner of the yard. She then went under the tree, which is also in the corner, to pick something up.  She then trotted over to the middle of the yard, proudly holding in her mouth the prize.  She dropped it near our patio, and then went to do her business.  Casey meandered over to investigate and ceremonially "marked" the area for himself after sniffing what it was.  At this point, I walked outside to see what prize she had so lovingly captured for us, and I discovered it was a recently deceased mouse.  What a good hunter we have!  She then picked it up again (by the tail) and did a victory lap in a small circle before dropping it again.  I let them enjoy their fun for a few minutes and then quietly deposited the catch in the trash when they were not looking any longer.

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