Saturday, July 7, 2012


There is a bunny (or several) living under the shed in our back yard.  Poly knows this and often spends her time outside trying to "befriend"  the little creature.  It's especially fun at 6:30 in the morning as she barks her little head off, running away from me in circles around the shed.  This morning Casey also wanted to "play" with the bunny.  My neighbors are going to turn us in for disturbing the peace.

Later in the morning, after Casey and Poly had finally come inside, they started barking again.  I went into the kitchen to check it out and saw that the bunny was in our neighbor's yard.  The pups saw it, too.  One morning I saw the little thing run across our yard with Poly chasing after him.  How is he possibly faster than she is?  I'm just glad to not get a "gift" from Poly!

Anyone out there interested in a bunny or two?  How about a possum?  Keith has seen one of those come from under the shed, too.  If I can catch Poly, I can catch the little rodent.

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