Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave

Today it was 99 degrees.  99 flipping degrees.  And muggy!  What did Poly and Casey want to do?  Lay in the grass... especially with the heat of the afternoon sun in the back yard.  Now, I was about dying standing out there for 5 mins and I'm not wearing a fur coat.  Casey even refused to come in a couple of times.  Even when they did come in, I couldn't get them to drink some water to try to alleviate some of that panting.  They both did spend some time on the non-carpeted floor, so I hope that was cool for them.

Once cooling off, both were sure to hop right onto the sofa/love seat to nap for hours on end.  It's just too hot for anything else.  They did finally drink some water, too.  It's as if they are being defiant teenagers; "No, I won't drink the water.  You can't make me!"

We got them one of those hard plastic kiddie pools.  Casey peed on (and in) it and Poly has NO interest.  We bought a couple of dog water toys, both made by Kong.  
KONG Aqua Dog Toy
Casey would go in to "rescue" the water Wubba, but climbed right back out after saving it.  I had hoped the pool would offer them some relief from the heat, but can't - won't - force them into it.

We were away for about a week last month and the pups went to stay at a Day Care/Boarding place.  Mr. Jim, the owner of this place, told us that he had introduced Casey and Poly to the kiddie pool with the same results... Casey hesitantly put his front toes in and Poly steered clear.  Today, Poly was slightly intrigued when I was "knocking" on the pool, but never got closer than about a foot away.  Maybe by the end of summer the two of them will realize the advantages of refreshing pool water.

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