Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yesterday was the 4th of July.  This is NOT Poly's favorite holiday.  While she loves having her Daddy home, she is certainly less than a fan of what this day means: fireworks.  Sure it's not as if we live next door to a fireworks location, we're close enough to a couple that she hears the BANG, BOOM and CRASH that they make.

We give her an all-natural remedy, albeit not exciting to her.  Last night, Keith gave it to her in a plate of pepperoni (I know, I know, an all-natural product in a very processed food); of course he had to give Casey a plate of pepperoni, too!  She wound up falling asleep during the displays.  Later, after Keith had come to bed, there was a thunderstorm and the noise of the storm affects her in the same way as fireworks.  She didn't bark or anything and made it through ok.  Let's hope she slept through the storm, too.  It's awful to see her when she's so scared by loud noises.  She just sits and trembles.  Sleep is good, sleep is very good.

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