Sunday, July 27, 2014

And here we go again

It's storming.  Again.  Thunder, lightening, horizontal rain -- the whole thing.  And the dogs are exactly the same each time.  Actually that's not entirely true.  Poly has gotten SO much calmer when there are storms.  She still shakes sometimes, though not all the time.  At least one of us is with her, as best as our schedules allow.  At this moment she's curled up in a ball, breathing somewhat deeply but no shaking.  I keep praying that this means she feels safe here... with us.  It's been a few years since she and her brother arrived.  I'm glad to know that after all she's been through, she considers this her HOME!

 I may have told these stories before and if I have, please forgive me.

Poly's life started in Georgia where she somehow wound up in a "high-kill" shelter.  Actually she spent her entire life in a shelter.  She never had a home.  Never had someone to let her sleep on the sofa.  Never had people care for her, and snuggle with her.  It makes me sad just to write that.  Fortunately, after her traumatic beginnings, a rescue picked her up and brought her up North.  She was fostered for about a millisecond before we grabbed her.

Actually we were hooking up with someone from the rescue to meet Casey!  He was in a high-kill shelter as well.  We know little about his history other than that he was adopted with his brother.  That adoptive family felt overwhelmed loving both of them.  I can't imagine how, but they gave Casey (then known as Wesley) back.  Again, this was our blessing and we have the privilege of loving him - and spoiling him!  So, we went to meet Casey and Poly (then, "Wendy").  She hadn't been up North very long but seemed to have bonded with Casey.  The two of them were romping around and playing together like they'd shared their entire lives together.  Then Poly snuggled up to MrB and that was that.  We'd been sucked in.  We were now the parents of TWO dogs....

So we are in the midst of a pretty awful storm.  Casey is just hanging out.  Poly plopped herself on the ottoman next to me after Daddy left for just a minute.  She remains there... here:

Now is that adorable or what?  I guess I'm taking advantage of her storm snuggles since she usually pays the most attention to Daddy.  She's doing ok now.  Deep breaths and snuggling against my leg.  I'll take it!

Before I end with the poem below, please remember


I have absolutely no idea where I got this and apologize that I don't have a name to reference:

Tail tucked between your legs,
Confusion in your eyes -
I know it's hard to understand
That someone heard your cries.
When loneliness is all you know
And pain is all you feel
And no one can be trusted,
And hunger's all too real...
That's the time the Lord sees you
And lets you know He's there
That's when He sends His messengers
The hearts that love and care.
Yes, rescuers are angels
You cannot see their wings, 
They keep them neatly folded
As they do their caring things.
The medicine to make you well
Good food to make you strong,
And finally to help you learn
That hugs are never wrong.
The perfect place then must be found
The home where you can live
Secure and safe and happy
With joy to get and give.
When you reach your Forever Home,
Your place to feel whole,
The Angels smile, and off they go

To save another soul.

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