Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Girl!

I've mentioned a bunch of times that Poly is our stubborn challenging problematic difficult demanding ... what is the right word?  Ok, I'm going to say it... Poly is sometimes downright impossible.  Don't get me wrong, I love her to death.  I mean, who couldn't love this face?

No need to go on and on about her tough side.

We've had continual problems with her thinking it's ok to "go" in the house.  We've done our best to teach her that she cannot do that.  However she isn't getting the message.  Just last week I stepped onto a wet spot on a rug we have in the foyer.  I didn't know it was there and... squish.  Yep squish.  Yep, gross!  Sometimes she goes into the powder room to let us know she has to go out.  GOOD GIRL!  Other times she will have been barking at Sir Groundhog so we don't know if she needs to go out.  Sometimes she'll scratch at the sliding door when she has to go.  She'll often already be in the kitchen "sun-bathing" and doesn't alert us to her need.  There isn't anything consistent and since she feels it's ok to use the house as her potty (#1 only, thankfully!) it's hard to catch her at just the right time.  I've tried an array of different things but in the end, just when I think she's got it down, squish.

MrB is usually the person to spend the mornings with them, since he has to get up to go to work anyway (I do my part on the weekends and if a need arises).  Recently he's been leaving me notes on my nightstand letting me know whether or not  she "pee-d."

That brings us to today.  I woke up to a note saying that MrB didn't know if she went.  So, out of her kennel and right outside.  One of the things I've tried is holding onto her leash until she goes and then setting her free to stalk groundhogs or secure the shed.  When she finally had it and was consistent for a couple weeks, I stopped going with her.  She would tinkle first thing before running around the yard.  Especially in the mornings she really needs to "go" first thing.  Don't we all?  Sometimes she'll stop when she's run around to a place where she's hidden from us.  Today was one of those days.  Today I got the "I don't think..." note.  I took her out twice before calling MrB on the phone.  He said he was pretty sure that she had... just not certain.  I told her I was taking a risk and trusting her and let her have free reign like usual.  Here I was, sitting innocently and Poly went into the kitchen.  I heard her get a drink and lay down to sunbathe in front of the sliders.  This isn't new; she does it virtually every day.  Suddenly I hear it.  A bark coming from the kitchen.  Did I really hear it?  Casey was in here with me and he doesn't really bark anyway.  It was Poly!  I went out with her and as soon as she found just the right spot, she squatted and the rest is history.  Now, I can't have false hope her... I can't let her play with us so we gain confidence and get sloppy.  But for today... GOOD GIRL!!

As an added note, what the heck makes a dog decide one spot is better to use than any other.  And why do some dogs (Poly) feel the need to run in a bunch of circles before finally squatting?  I find this curious.

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