Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brains and Beauty

We have recently established that Poly, while smart when she wants to be or when it involves food, isn't the brightest bulb in the box.  She is not a good problem-solver.  For instance, when we unlatch the two slides on her kennel she still thinks she's locked in.  Casey, on the other hand, can actually break out of his kennel and, after we undo just one of the hooks, pushes his head halfway out.  I had re-configured the furniture for an afternoon and Poly wasn't able to find a path to get onto the sofa.  Casey didn't think twice about leaping over my legs one time and simply going around the furniture a different time.  She just can't figure certain things out.  It's a darn good thing she's cute!

Of course Casey is pretty adorable himself!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here.  It's been in the mid-60s to mid-70s with a breeze - we're talking unbeatable!  Casey and Poly think so, too.  While Casey only wants to go out and enjoy the gorgeousness with his people, Poly is content being out there all day, mostly "guarding the shed."

Let me go back to the last time it was so incredible outside.  Hubby has just fixed the screen on the slider that goes out to the back yard.  Both dogs like to scratch at screens when they want something.  At the back door it's usually to go outside.  As for the front door, well, let's just say there is a lot of excitement when Daddy comes home from work!

Ok, well with a lot of scratching at the door it was time to replace the screen.  Keith got the stuff and voila, all better.  The very next time we opened the screen in the sliding door, Poly didn't realize it was there and ran right through it.  Right through.  It tore about a foot up one side and a foot along the bottom.  Well, then came the heat and we turned the a/c on, not giving it another thought.

Mr. Smarty-pants, Casey, quickly realized the tear was there.  Just this week, I heard him come up the steps to the back door so I went to let him in.  I turn the corner into the kitchen and there he is --- IN the kitchen!  I go hunting around for duct tape and go outside to tape up the rips.  A couple hours later he and Poly ask to go out, so I go marching back out to the kitchen only to find that he has let himself out!  This is not a doggy door!  Of course Poly didn't exactly realize she could do the same.  Anyway, I got down on the floor and taped the corner of the screen from the inside.  Here is the only duct tape we have in the house:

It's quite the sight.

The next night, we headed to the home improvement store and ordered a new door.  We'll have Minnie Mouse keeping an eye on Casey for the next 2-3 weeks until it's installed.

Love my big kids!

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