Monday, July 14, 2014


It has been storming a lot here in the Mid-Atlantic.  I mean a lot!  There are flood watches and warnings as well as actual flooding.  Many of the storms have had thunder and lightening.  I think I've mentioned before that Poly is not a fan of "thunder-boomers" (as they were called when I was a scared little one).  Firstly, our little Princess doesn't like to get her paws wet.  Heaven forbid.  You have to time it just right where she actually has to go, the grass isn't wet, there is no mud AND right before the storm starts.  She is one high-maintenance pup.  We love her a lot.  I mean a lot!

Poly could be a weather-dog if we taught her to use the green screen.  She shakes with storms.  Often she senses they are coming before we're even aware of an impending storm.  Poor little girl wants to be cuddled up next to something -- usually someone.  We've tried the ThunderShirt (which I know to be very successful with other pups, just not our Poly) as well as some holistic remedies.  Nothing works for our little girl except some love and cuddling.  No problem!  I read one article about how you shouldn't give your pet extra attention when they're shaking during storms because it just teaches them to shake more.  Ok, hold on just one minute!  I have a degree in psychology and behavior modification was my favorite topic (I'll have you know I got an "A" in training my mouse, but I digress).  I understand "Classical Conditioning" where you give a reward with a desired behavior occurs.  I just don't think this applies to FEAR!  C'mon, would you do that to a baby who's afraid of something?  Yes, you would totally give the baby love and attention.  Why on earth would someone say you shouldn't do as much.  Argh!  People frustrate me!

Storms: Casey.

That's basically the extent of it.  Or he'll snuggle with us, but that's what he does a lot of the time.  While he can be a bully, not wanting his sister to get attention unless he is -- or instead of her, he's a big lover.  We love him back... happily!  Well, that's the extent of our big kids and storms.

 The little ones (our two kitties), well, unless they are here (see left) they are under the bed or in the tub.  Ok, so Bert might be in the tub; he's the one on top.  Tori will likely be hiding under the bed or in the spare bedroom.  They're pretty "chill" when it comes to thunder storms.  Thankfully.

Here's hoping praying the basement is dry!

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