Friday, July 11, 2014

Long Overdue

There is no excuse.  None.  At all.

However, I'm going to offer one up anyway.


Life is crazy busy.  You know it.  It's true for you, too.  It seems to be true for everyone these days, doesn't it?  Work.  Cooking.  Shopping.  Movies.  Dinner out.  Family Visits.  Friend visits.  Cooking for said visits.  Phone calls.  Life.

The dogs are loving life right about now!  They are sound asleep.  Poly spent most of the day outside, getting annoyed when I would force her to come in, cool off, and get some water.  Poly was in quite a "place" where she loved what was going on, but it totally set off her ADD.  Wishes (at least that's what we call them here in the Mid-Atlantic) were flying by and Poly couldn't help but chase after them, either with her eyes or by running after them.  At the same time, she was on the lookout for birds to fly overhead so she could chase after their shadows.  Meanwhile, Casey couldn't decide if he wanted to stay outside, where he could periodically eat some branches/grass/dirt or he stays inside with his people - or person, as it were.

Sir Groundhog has reared his ugly head.  There has been quite a raucous around here.  I've taken a few videos and I'll share one with you.  Oh, by the way, it seems Sir Groundhog has developed a relationship and they are both eating the clover taking over our backyard.  Ugh!

Here is where I tried to load a video of the pups going crazy over Sir Groundhog.  Casey definitely provides great entertainment.  However, I'm sure you noticed the word "tried" and that gets the idea across.  I thought I finally had it... the box with the first screen and the arrow.  I was so excited (the dogs were sleeping at the time).  Then I clicked on it and nothing.  Noth-ing!  Perhaps I'll figure it out for another video entry.

We've taken oodles of pictures of these big guys.  Unfortunately I can't  post them right now.  I promise I'll get them up as soon as possible.

MrB and I had several engagements the weekend before last.  This meant that the dogs were alone.  I was feeling incredibly guilty about that.. I can't imagine I'm alone in that, right?  So, I grabbed my jammies and slept on the sofa.  Two nights in a row.  Now that makes for a couple of happy dogs!

Casey is a champ when it comes to behavior, paying attention to us about 99% of the time.  Poly, on the other hand, still thinks it's ok to pee in the house.  Really?  She's 3 yrs old!  We've tried everything!  For a long time now I've taken her outside myself and stayed with her (she was on a leash) until she finally went and then she was free to romp, run, and play to her heart's desire.  It was working for a while.  That "while" came to an end.  Just this week, while she was barking her head off, she was presumably barking at one point to go outside.  I do hope that's what happened because I stepped in a wet spot on an area rug in our foyer.  At other times she'll go 16 hours without going (like during Hurricane Sandy).  She's a very confusing dog.  She has gotten really good at coming in when she's called from outside.  She's usually in front of the shed, happy as a clam.  It's almost a straight line from the shed to the back door.  She's a tricky little thing, though because she'll head towards the door and then veer off to the right, heading back towards the door at the last minute.  Now that we know she does that, it makes us laugh.  She really is one smart cookie!

I'll get quiet now.  Hopefully not for too long.  There are plenty more antics here with the "B" critters.

Thanks for reading!

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