Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Innocent Look

I came down to Casey and Poly in the kitchen (thankful they were still there), but with their bed in close to a million pieces.  It was totally decimated!  After cleaning up most of the mess, I saw the following and had to take a picture.  It definitely says "I didn't do it, Mom."

Now, I have to be honest, we believe Poly to be the one who did this, or at least started it.  She is the one who is more destructive when we're around.  Don't get me wrong, I don't see Mr. Casey as innocent in this whole thing.  I can envision him thinking "wow, that looks fun, I think I'll join in" although he did once destroy his bed at his foster Mom's.  We have also lost 3-4 pairs of shoes (lost count), cookbooks have been eaten, the couch has a hole in it -- you know.

I went to lean the bed up against the house in the backyard and guess who snuck out?  Well, I saw Casey sneak out, but all of the sudden I saw Poly - outside.  I think she got out first and I just didn't know it, what with fighting with the bed and all.  Our backyard is a swamp after a storm yesterday and she is running around as fast as a bullet.  It took me a long time to catch her, during which time she tried to get under the fence more than once.  I wish I knew her real age - Vizslas are known to have a lot of energy, but is some of this because she's young?  Ugh!

We're just not sure we can keep both of them.  She can't have most toys because he will take them and destroy them; he can't play with one of the deer antlers because she will take it right out of his mouth (it's a darn good thing he's so easy-going!).  We just don't know what to do.  I want them to both be happy and she is so affectionate with us and he is so calm and smart...  I wish someone else could make this decision for us, or that we'd go back in time and do it differently........


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