Monday, December 5, 2011

Drama King

Mr. Casey, drama king.  When Poly is getting attention, he HAS to come over and stick his nose in the middle of it (and fear not, he isn't lacking for attention).  We have a bone for each of them and a deer antler for each of them.  Well, specifically tonight, Poly got one and took it up onto the sofa.  Casey was having none of that.  He came over, sat on the floor with his nose right next to Poly's -- and more importantly, the antler.

He did, of course, move away a little bit when I got my phone out to take a picture, but you get the idea.  You'd think we never played with him or let him gnaw on a bone!

When we go outside in the backyard, Poly still has to be on a leash - she likes to dig and has a little too much interest in both getting into the neighbor's yard and tracking a phantom bunny - right under one of the gates in the fence.  Casey always comes from wherever he is and assumes that since my face is at his level, it's there for him to lick and he proceeds to do so.  It's quite distracting when trying to hook the collar to the leash.  It's even more interesting at night when we put their harnesses on.  Add his usual level of eagerness to pure out excitement and, well, we have one hyper pup.

Earlier today, they had their Kongs filled with yogurt (and frozen overnight).  Hers is the standard red; he requires the more sturdy one and it's black.  Of course they decided they wanted each others'.  I'll never understand.  They do, however, continue to crack me up!

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  1. sounds like thet are alot of fun