Saturday, December 31, 2011

Escape Artists

Well, they somehow broke out of the kitchen!  Keith came home to find that the locked gate was open and they had meandered their way through and into the living room.  We still haven't figured out how they did that, unless it wasn't fully latched.  That, or they are the smartest dogs on earth.

Given that, we had them in their crates one night.  Poly was having none of that and with 2 hours of constant barking, by 1:30am, Keith and I had enough and, in order to get some sleep ourselves, let them into the kitchen.  Last night they woke Keith up 3 different times with barking (we're pretty sure it's her; he rarely barks).  Their crates are arranged in the kitchen such that one of them is up against a tension gate and the other is a couple of feet away.  Poly's has a side door, so when we put it in the doorway with the tension gate, there is only a matter of a couple inches of empty space.

We ran some errands today and, as always, left them in the kitchen.  When we returned home, the dogs were running free on the first floor.  What?!?  Evidently, Keith had switched and put Casey's crate against the tension gate.  This leaves more space between the crate and the wall.  There are towels on the floor for when they come inside all muddy.  It appears that they used the towels to pull the crate away from the gate and then knocked through it.

These guys are too, too smart!  They also crack us up!

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