Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Wants a Bone?

This evening, Poly was innocently playing with a bone.

Casey decided he wanted it, but isn't an aggressive dog, so did this little move:

He gets this pitiful look on his face and, as you can see, plops half of his body on their bed.

Poly, seemingly annoyed with him being so close to her and the precious bone, proceeds to fling the front half of her body around to gain some distance

and Casey gets an even more beggarly look on his face.

Shortly after this, Daddy took them for a 1.6 mile walk and now they're beat!

For the sake of update: Casey is now eating in his crate, door closed but not latched (which protects his food from her!).  He's super smart and comes almost all the time when called; he has "sit" down like a champ!  Poly's food is right inside the door to the crate, but she shakes some when she goes in, so we are building up to see if she can handle it.  She's really getting the hang of "sit" now and is doing it more and more quickly at mealtime.  The situation with the kitties remains the same - the first floor is "canine land" and the second floor is "feline-ville."  It works, at least for now.

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