Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day Weekend

It was a pretty quiet day for all 6 of us.  Wow, it sounds like a huge family... I guess maybe it is, especially when I start talking about us in terms of legs.  There are 20 legs in this house - yikes!

Anyway, Keith and I went to my Mom's house and the furry ones stayed home.  We returned home to the house just the way we left it!  What good kids!  The cats are even still alive...  We fed them some leftovers of turkey and stuffing on top of their regular food and they certainly enjoyed it.  We found out today that turkey isn't good for dogs.  Who knew?  This has been a public service announcement.

We went to the pet store today, sans dog.  I feel awful taking him and leaving her, so we didn't take either.  Anyway, Poly is a bit prissy and very picky when it comes to food.  We tried a few tricks, but with limited success.  She just isn't a big eater - she's not even food motivated for training!  Now, that's a challenge.  We shop at Perk Valley Pet Eatery, a local, family-owned pet store.  We figured we always shop there anyway, we might as well go on Small Business Saturday.  We had to take back the large back of food we'd gotten (when they - she - seemed to like the one type of food) and figure out something else to feed them.  We came home with a small bag of one food and the wonderful people at the shop gave us samples of a couple varieties to try.  Well, I got home and she wouldn't touch the one kind.  The second brand she ate for me, but not for Keith.  We decided that the fact that she had any interest in it at all was good enough.  Soooo, we truck back to the pet store (yes, it's us again -- although we brought Casey and Poly and only Keith went in).  He got yet another kind of food with a few cans (the Princess will gladly eat dry food covered in wet) in the hopes that she'll eat that.

Then we were off!  We thought we'd take a ride since the weather is so beautiful.  I can't believe it's nearly December!  We were going to go to the park but when we got on the highway, Poly began shaking.  She was terrified.  Keith had to carry her to the car just to get her in.  I believe she may be traumatized from spending time in a car coming up from the South; it's not even been a month.  We got to the park, but she was too scared, so we decided to come home.  Keith made a pit-stop to get his hair cut and the rest of us sat in the car.  Poly just slept, quite comfortable when we weren't moving.  Casey... well, he would love to get his license.  He's all about the front seat.  He got himself so tangled up in his car harness (which goes through the seat belt) that he could barely move.  I went to fix it and, well, let's just say he was very excited at the thought of getting out.  When we got home, he was one happy camper.  Then again, he's usually a happy camper.

Training update: he's a little too smart for his own good.  He knows to sit when he wants something (and will sit and look cute when there is something he wants that he has no chance of getting - like our lunch!); he's learning to wait rather than lunging for his food bowl and is doing a great job with waiting before going through a door or into his crate.  She's not quite as smart, although she's no dummy.  We praise her beyond belief when we see her sitting - party time!  We're working on "wait" although "sit" is more of a priority.  When she isn't motivated by food, asking things of her is difficult and we're nearly always praising her like crazy!

Funny stories:

  • The first day we had them was a Monday.  Keith was at work and I was here alone with two dogs we hadn't even had for 24 hrs.  When we are outside and they have done their business, I let them off-leash to run free around the backyard.  She decided it would be fun to play in the next door neighbor's yard and wiggled herself under the turkey wire.  Mind you, she wasn't on leash at this point and doesn't yet know her new name (I'm not convinced she ever knew her former name).  I truck over to the neighbor's yard to get her and she thinks this is great fun.  Now she's on a 30 ft leash when we go outside.
  • Casey is a jumper.  I don't only mean that he jumps up onto someone, though he does more than enough of that.  He jumps as if he's on a trampoline, straight up in the air.  It is one of the funniest things I've seen.  He gets so excited it's as if there is a spring that's come up from the ground, tossing him into the air.  He loves being outside so much that when he sees either the walking harness or car harness come out, he's sure to do it.
I caught another precious sleeping moment - again on our couch.  I really have to do something about that...  Anyway, I thought I'd share:

First, two similar pictures of "Doggies in a Circle" because Casey moved and the second picture is just as cute as the first  :-)

Sleeping Head-to-Head

I just can't get enough of these two!

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