Sunday, November 27, 2011

DOCD - Doggie OCD

If I were a clinician, I would totally diagnose Poly with this disorder.  Keith suggests medication for her; perhaps a little Abilify would help.

We have had a rabbit living under our shed for years now.  Poly discovered it this week.  Granted, she hasn't actually seen the critter, but she sure has one powerful little nose!  Rumor has it (ok, Keith told me) that she tries to "climb" the shed.  I'll believe it when I see it.  She keeps her snout to the ground and you can tell that she's following a trail.  Does she want to make a new friend OR does she think she found dinner?  She's obsessed with one corner of the yard near a gate.  Does the rabbit open up the gate and hoppity hop through?  Really, what is up with the dang gate?  Fortunately Casey is always out there at the same time and he can distract her.  Us, her parents, not so much...

We have two holes going under our porch.  When they've been filled with dirt, it lasts only a day or two before they are opened up again.  We're nearly certain that they are groundhogs, since they are pretty plentiful here.  Poly just about gets her head into these holes.  One of these days she's going to get her little nose bitten!  She also goes under a rather large holly bush and she just about gets lost under this thing.  I have to wonder if something is living under there or just visits.  Either way, Poly likes it!  She pulls for these two things any time we're out front.  Girl has quite the memory!!  If only she'd apply it to "sit."

Yep, it might be time for meds.

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