Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oh Dirt!

Yes, dirt.  Guess who?  If you guessed Poly you'd be wrong.  Right now, Casey is outside by himself.  When I don't watch him (and sometimes when I do), he will find himself or create pieces of dirt.  He is a good pup, he really is.  But when I call his name for him to come inside, he stays put.  This is not the Casey we know and love.  It's as if he's been invaded by dirt-eating aliens.  We go to an amazing pet store and I asked the owner if there was a reason.... if there was some deficiency in his food, if it was a sign of something bigger, etc.  It turns out it's one of those "weird dog things."  Casey isn't the only one and that's good to know.

Now Poly has her own dirt issues.  She is a digger and she's GOOD at it!  We're not sure what she's trying to find or where she's trying to escape to, but she's a digger.... a very, very good digger.  So, snow melts when it gets warmer.  Melting snow = mud = very, VERY messy digging.  She's outside now but the mud is slowly becoming dirt.  I can deal with dirt.  I still head over to the door or the window since she's outside.  She's not allowed to dig.  It's one seriously bad habit.

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