Tuesday, March 10, 2015


All of our furry kids are spoiled.  The twins, Casey, and Poly.  The way we see it, that had rough starts so we want them to live in the lap of luxury.  Had it been children or Kilter the story would tell a little differently, but it's not.

In my last post, I said that Casey had most recently figured out how to open the gate and that we had to lock it; he figured that out, too; we added the bungee cord and he broke through that (without actually removing the cord).  We have made a decision here in the "B" family and it's a big one, so...

<drum roll, please>

Sir Casey now sleeps upstairs with his Mom and Dad.  In the bed.  An 85-lb dog.  In the bed.  With two adults.  In the bed.

Let me paint you a picture.... I sleep with a wedge pillow for reflux; I also sleep with a body pillow to help keep the pressure off of my arthritic back (yes, I really am 43); I have had to move more to the center of the bed for reasons I won't bother to describe here; finally, I am not a tiny woman, rather quite the opposite and I mean quite the opposite!  MrB has 2 pillows and one of them usually winds up more towards the center of the bed.  This is not a complaint but a statement of fact.  Add in the big guy, who sometimes sleeps perpendicular to his parents and we find ourselves in quite the quandary.  We do find ourselves in a king-sized bed so we humans do have that going for us.

I went out yesterday.  When I came home, I found some of the kitty's toys in the living room, joined by a couple stuffed animals we keep on the steps (I mean, Dory has to keep an eye out, right?).  Since I was gone, Poly was in her kennel, so the "injuries" done to our stuffed friends is all Casey.  I put them on top of a cabinet which is about 3' high.  I came down this morning to find the cat's spider toy being decimated.  He was already missing a "pom-pom" foot yesterday, but this was the final blow.  He was bleeding out... innards, that is.  He flat-lined.  He didn't make it.  It was then I realized that the only way to keep everyone else (Dory, the turtle, and the monkey) safe was to put them onto the counter.  I did have to be careful, though, since Poly has found a way to reach onto the counter and take things (to date, it's only been food, meat specifically).  We'll see if these guys stay safe.

On another topic, I know I wrote a few days ago about how Casey ripped open the bag of jelly beans and spit out the black ones.  Crack.Me.Up!  Anyway, I saw this video of a dog with a lemon and think I may have to pick up a lemon next time we're at the supermarket!

Have your furry kids done anything funny with food?  Had any adventures with those of the stuffed variety?  Done anything funny at all (and the answer to this is always, always yes!)?  I'd love to hear from you!

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