Sunday, January 22, 2012


We had snow yesterday - a first for the pups.  Poly doesn't like the rain - at all - so we were pretty certain something wet AND cold on the ground was going to be the end of her being outside for the day.  She was very hesitant at first, but soon started playing with Casey (who also took his time putting his paws in the white stuff).  They ran around, chasing each other; they also made yellow and brown snow, in case you were worried  ;-)   Before we knew it, not an inch of the back yard was doggie footprint-less.

Enjoy some photos of their fun!


 Casey (don't you just love his ears?)



 Casey looking for Poly

 Let the games begin...

 Yes, they play rough - but she holds her own and sometimes even instigates!


So that was our Saturday.  I hope you enjoyed seeing our cutie pies!

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